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5 Ebook Creation Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business

Today I want to uncover a few common mistakes you MUST avoid in the product creation process so you will make you more sales and profits.
Mistake 1. Not Thinking About Your "Back-End"
A back-end can be an OTO (one-time-offer) which your customer will see after the purchase of the front end product.
But you can also profit from the back-end by including links to other products inside your ebook or referring to a website in your audio etc.
You'll be leaving a lot of money on the table if you don't plan out a back-end.
Mistake 2. Using Crappy Old PLR
A lot of marketers will find old PLR reports and articles and put them together to sell.
If you use PLR (private label rights), make sure you go over the content and fix any information that is out of date and also check any links to websites to make sure they work.
If you're ebook is on a topic that is constantly being updated like technology, iPhone or Sony PSP, then frequent updates are necessary too.
Many marketers make 6 figure using  store of  crappy old PLR  but need a team and huge email list.
Mistake 3. Not Getting Feedback Before You Start Selling
After you create your first product, you probably think it's perfect. But it's a good idea to get the opinion of others before you start selling it.
Let a friend look at or use your product before you start selling it to the public.
Ask for feedback.
They might see something that needs improvement.
You can also use their testimonials on your sales letter to help sell more.
Mistake 4. Having a Bad Sales Page
Your website sales letter is your online "salesman".
If it can't get people to buy, you're going to be a very broke marketer.
Even if your product is great, and I'm sure it is,it won't sell if the website is ugly and the copy doesn't convert.
The only way to tell people and convince them yours is the ONLY solution for their problem is to have it presented and explained well with copy writing.
Good copywriting is important!
If copywriting is not your strong point, you can learn the basics of writing a sales letter for your website that sells with this course salesletterpimp
Product of great marketer stuart stirling  is old product but still good to begin in sales page .
Mistake 5. Not Having an Affiliate Program
The often forgot about equation when it comes to making money with your ebook is getting traffic to see your sales pitch.
Having an affiliate program is your ticket to free-website-traffic.
If you don't incorporate an affiliate program with your info product, you're missing out on a whole lot of traffic and sales.
If you're unsure of what an affiliate program is, it basically is a website system that allows other people to sell your product with a unique tracking (affiliate) link so they can get credited and paid a commission for any sale they refer.
Affiliate programs are often seen as expensive and only for the big guys, but the fact is, there are simple and very affordable affiliate website programs out there.
Don't make these 5 mistakes in your info product business and you'll enjoy more profits overall!

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