Tips for not losing your money on paid traffic

Paid traffic is a PAIN in the 'You know What' if you don't know what you're doing.
If you're losing all your ad spend with nothing in return, then read this....
1. Test MULTIPLE ads at once
You want to test out about 10 different ads (at least) at the same time, with whatever ad space you're using.
For PPC, write out different headlines, then variations in the body.
For banners, mix it up too. You need to find the best performer so you can kill the poor performers.
why !!!!
For example : the same cpa offer  with the same landing page can work well  in airpush and bad in inmobi only because airpush have a good traffic for asia and bad in south america  and inmobi  have good traffic from south america for example.
never great quality of traffic exist  in the same network for all country and all type of ads never for many reasons !!.
for ads testing is the key.
2. Start small with new ad sites
Keep your daily ad spend at just a few dollars.
Don't think you need to spend hundreds a day on ads. You must start with $5 max or 10$ for cpa offer to see which ads are converting...
Don't go buying an expensive solo ad..
because you don't need to. Use cheap PPC or banner ad places.
you can find a lot in  and some ppc network like chetika and infolinks.
3. Track conversions (sign ups and sales)
Most advertisers like PPC networks and FB etc
give you code to put on your landing/thankyou pages so you can track ads. But I highly suggest you get your own tracking system in place.
So for this you need to have your own website, or a website that let's you add tracking code to the HTML.
As an affiliate, you can usually track your links but sending paid (cold) traffic straight to an affiliate sales letter is a bad idea.
4. Bonus Tip
Send traffic to a squeeze page... Never to an affiliate sales page!
When you buy traffic, it's cold! -Send the people to a squeeze page for a freebie and then, warm them up with your email sequence.
They'll be much more inclined to buy after the KLT (know, like, trust) sets in.
I have a lot to talk about in paid traffic topic but in coming articles.
Thank you for reading