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Are Your Tweets Making You Lose Followers?

So you think you've got the hang of this Twitter "thing."  Maybe you've been using my tips and spending a great deal of time and energy following many people in your niche on Twitter, and combined with regularly Tweeting great content, you've done a great job of getting more followers.But did you know that it's also possible to lose followers on this social network? And if you're using the 'auto direct message,' you need to stop and read this right now.Twitter Terms of Service Outlawing Automatic Follow-BackThe Automated Direct Message, aka the Auto DM, is one of the most popular tools that internet marketers use on Twitter. And if you're using it properly, then you won't have any problems. But if you're abusing it, you can face some serious consequences that can make Twitter marketing for your business much more challenging.In fact - Twitter has gotten so serious about this, that they have recently taken steps to outlaw auto follow ba…
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5 Ebook Creation Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business

Today I want to uncover a few common mistakes you MUST avoid in the product creation process so you will make you more sales and profits. Mistake 1. Not Thinking About Your "Back-End" A back-end can be an OTO (one-time-offer) which your customer will see after the purchase of the front end product. But you can also profit from the back-end by including links to other products inside your ebook or referring to a website in your audio etc. You'll be leaving a lot of money on the table if you don't plan out a back-end. Mistake 2. Using Crappy Old PLR A lot of marketers will find old PLR reports and articles and put them together to sell. If you use PLR (private label rights), make sure you go over the content and fix any information that is out of date and also check any links to websites to make sure they work. If you're ebook is on a topic that is constantly being updated like technology, iPhone or Sony PSP, then frequent updates are necessary too. Many marketers make 6 fi…

Tips for not losing your money on paid traffic

Paid traffic is a PAIN in the 'You know What' if you don't know what you're doing. If you're losing all your ad spend with nothing in return, then read this.... 1. Test MULTIPLE ads at once You want to test out about 10 different ads (at least) at the same time, with whatever ad space you're using. For PPC, write out different headlines, then variations in the body. For banners, mix it up too. You need to find the best performer so you can kill the poor performers. why !!!! For example : the same cpa offer  with the same landing page can work well  in airpush and bad in inmobi only because airpush have a good traffic for asia and bad in south america  and inmobi  have good traffic from south america for example. never great quality of traffic exist  in the same network for all country and all type of ads never for many reasons !!. for ads testing is the key. 2. Start small with new ad sites Keep your daily ad spend at just a few dollars. Don't think you need to spend h…

SEO Myths That Will Not Confuse You Anymore

Myth #1.
SEO is a scam Perhaps this most harmful of myths stems from those who seeking quick and easy wins with a very little effort. Indeed, there are cases of SEO wins that meet these criteria, typically when a site has easily correctable technical problems. In other cases,
SEO involves real effort and commitment which often pays additional rewards beyond the increase in traffic.
You may use to find tons of samples when your competitors are getting good traffic doing only SEO and content. Myth #2. Google will find out that I'm doing SEO and than.... Google is smart, but not magic. Google and other search engines strive to mimic human behavior in evaluating content and use human generated signals (such as links and engagement metrics) to crawl and rank results. In addition, Google does not prohibit using any SEO agency. You will find info about that below.
Myth #3. Link building is dead (again) :) Almost each year we hear that link building is dead now. But, it you search for…

Seven tips for get better email deliverability

Email marketing is the most powerful tool for reaching your prospects and customers online.

But what's the point if your email messages aren't getting into your prospect's inbox?

Aweber had been showing funky stats with regards to opens and click-thru rates, so I knew something was wrong with our email deliverability.

I was starting to think that our email messages were ending up in the promotions tab in Gmail or worse the junk box.

So I've been trying to be pro-active in getting our emails to hit the inbox by better understanding the email universe.

I've learned a lot and below are some tips that will help you get better email deliverability.

1. If your email messages are going to the spam folder, encourage your readers to click the "Not Spam" button to get back into the inbox (in fact, if you are seeing this very email in your spam folder, please click "not spam").

2. Ask your readers to mark your messages as important for better deliverability.

3. Re…

Steps That Guarantee Maximum Price When Selling Domain Names

Whether you are a professional domain name trader or an internet businessperson looking to sell you website, you want to get the best possible price for your domain name. To accomplish that you need to plan and be ready. Use the following steps to ensure the best price when you decide to sell your domain name. Assess the value of your domain name.
There are many factors to consider when determining the value of a domain. If you aren't sure how to do this, there are companies that make these assessments for a fee. Probably the most important factors to consider are traffic, length of the name and whether it is a dot-com TLD. Research the market value for domain names in as many categories as possible such as aftermarket domains, sounding domains, secondary market domains, high-value domains, and top domains. Keep financial reports and tax filings current and correct.
Interested buyers usually want to buy immediately and will be put off if your information is confusing or they have to w…